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Dental practice management Quick Tips from Cambridge Dental Consultants and guest bloggers.

Effective Dental Practice Huddles

Effective Dental Practice Huddles

The morning dental team huddle sets the tone for the workday. It's important that it be planned well and implemented professionally, and that everyone play a role.

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Tattoos, facial piercings and demographics

Tattoos, facial piercings and demographics
What is or is not appropriate for a practice can depend on demographics, or simply the image the practice owner wishes to convey. If needed tattoos can be covered and facial piercings removed while at work. Excessive jewelry, super-long nails, and heavy perfumes should also be avoided.  
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Relating to patients

Relating to patients
Patients' needs are top priority. The practice owner and all staff should leave personal issues and opinions outside of the dental practice. Patients visit your office to improve their dental health and eliminate pain.
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Practice management basic:

Practice management basic:
You need to get all staff to understand how the pieces of the practice fit together, otherwise staff will create unusual solutions to problems that result in poor outcomes.
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