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Dental practice management Quick Tips from Cambridge Dental Consultants and guest bloggers.

Dental Consultant Top Staff Efficiency Tips

Staff can look very busy, but this can sometimes be due to them handling additional work they generated themselves due to inefficiencies, lack of training, or no accountability. Examples: • Lab case not in the office. Patient arrives for appointment.• Incomplete information in patient charts.• Incomplete insurance submission.• Insurance not verified.• Patient leaves office without an appointment.• Phone numbers for patient are not correct. • Appointment not confirmed. • Delivering more dentistry in the back than was scheduled; front desk not notified.• Treatment plan sequence not written up.• Financial arrangements not made.• Incomplete treatment not followed up on.• Message taken but not given...
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Dental Consultants Patient Retention Tips

1. Require your front desk to report every daily on how many hygiene patients did not schedule their next appointment. No more than one a day is acceptable. 2. Keep a running list of those patients of those who did not schedule and follow up on them. 3. When calling the patient, if you do not reach them, let them know you will try back in about a week. Repeat a week later if needed. 4. After a month or so continue to make calls based on your knowledge of the patient without becoming obnoxious or seeming "desperate". How many calls...
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Dental Consultants: What Is At-Will Employment?

Most states are "At-Will," meaning, in essence you can let an employee go at anytime for any reason as long as it’s not discriminatory. Even so, you still want to document bad behavior and policy in case you decide to fight an unemployment claim. Dismissing an employee is never fun but, it can be less stressful if you keep the following points in mind: 1. Staff are the ones deciding whether they are to be dismissed by either playing by the rules or not.  2. It is the employee who is either making themselves valuable to you or not. If they are...
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Dental Consultant Predetermination Advice

I do not recommend Pre-Ds unlesss the patient asks but, if you chose to do Pre-Ds there are some advantages. In the past it could take weeks to get Pre-Ds back, during which time patients could easily lose interest. With real-time Pre-Ds now available, that issue is mostly a thing of the past. So what are the advantages of a Pre-D for your practice? One is that you get the perfect opportunity to educate patients about how their insurance works, which, IMHO, is rather vital. Another benefit is that you put your practice on the side of the patients by telling...
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