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Dental practice management Quick Tips from Cambridge Dental Consultants and guest bloggers.

Dental Consultants Tip: Calling Patients

Whenever calling or writing a patient, find out all you can about the person from a prior contact note. For instance, if the treatment chart has a notation saying the patient just had a baby, start the letter or conversation by saying: "Hi, Janet! Congratulations on your new baby! Did you have a boy or a girl?" Then gently go into the reason you're calling. It's always more effective to start a conversation or letter in this fashion. This way the patient gets the feeling that he/she is not just a dollar sign to you and that you really do care...
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Dental Consultant Tip: Insurance Best Practices

Insurance is the patient’s responsibility. It is their insurance after all however, quickly and accurately verifying insurance is an opportunity to provide patients with excellent customer service.  Staying on top of insurance every day is crucial. It is vital that insurance does not backlog. Backlogs cost you time and money and reflect poorly on your practice.  When a patient receives a bill from the practice due to insurance denial it can cause an upset. Sometimes it is a front desk error, however the upset is often partially or fully due to the bill being unexpected because the patient had not been effectively educated on how...
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Dental Consultants DA Hiring Tips

A few questions you will want to include: 1. What expanded duties did you do at Dr. X's office? 2. What brands and kinds of cements and bonding materials are you familiar with? 3. Per OSHA regulations, how do you sterilize instruments? 4. Explain how you handle a patient who shows signs of being afraid. Keep in mind that until you see a new hire in action you really won't know what kind of employee you have.   Kevin Tighe, Cambridge Dental Consultants, Senior Consultant, got bitten hard by the business and marketing bug during long summer days working at his dad's...
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Dental Consultant Advice: Working With Your Spouse

A few thoughts about having a spouse work in a dental practice: a. It can be the worse of times for obvious reasons. b. It can be the best of times as the spouse has a vested interest in the practice.  c. The spouse can never use the "spouse card" in interacting with the other staff. d. Just as you would not interact at home with your spouse as if he or she is an "employee" you shouldn't interact with your spouse at work as you would at home. In my opinion, the ideal situation is for the spouse to learn...
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