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Dental Marketing: Create A Ruckus

Dental Marketing: Create A Ruckus

“Create a ruckus!” Those were Seth Godin’s words in a podcast interview I listened to.

It reminded me why his message is so compelling. And how creating your own “ruckus” of sorts could transform your dental marketing.

What if you decided to approach your dental marketing that way. What would the “ruckus” look like...and are you brave enough to find out?

Promoting your dental practice and services is among the most strategic things you do outside your “wheelhouse” of expertise or speciality.

Your “ruckus?”

Start by losing the agenda!

Translation: Stop being so calculated and concerned about ROI (Return on Investment). Change the game in how you promote your dental practice and services.

Try a “just-because” approach.

Share your knowledge and expertise without expecting anything in return. Before you think that’s a waste - think again.

These days people (your patients included) are attracted to valued authority. The perfect place to showcase it is online via your digital or web content.

Set your ROI on auto-pilot

Your dental marketing ROI extends beyond your current online intentions. Sure, SEO, marketing metrics, and analytics are somewhat necessary.

But the ultimate test of your investment has to do with ONE thing. And it’s ultimately why your website visitors and content readers give you any portion of their time or trust.

Are you useful?

Being useful creates a higher return in today’s online marketing space. The days of hiring someone to create your dental website, setting-it-and-forgetting it are gone!

Web visitors are easily bored, overloaded with information, and saturated with industry-speak. They’re “hungry” and will return again and again if you supply them something more.

Useful, authorative expertise

“Just-because” dental marketing relies on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant content.

Launch, re-launch, or start replenishing your current dental website blog or article page.

  • Invest more in your ongoing content stream than you do the tempting, quick-fix eye-candy web designs.
  • Eliminate word-count phobia and worrying if your Home, About Us, Services and Procedures pages have enough words.
  • Consistently create useful content that delivers solution-focused value for the questions your site visitors/readers have. Remember: Trusted expertise leads to service-provider loyalty.

Provide multiple channels of content access.

  • Inform and educate “readers” with blog posts, enewsletters, emails, ebooks, Twitter and Facebook posts, etc.
  • Supply “listeners” with audio content, podcasts, audio chats, etc.
  • Engage “viewers” with visual content via YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, webinars, etc.
  • Know your “tribe”. Dental patients (your site visitors/readers) come in all flavors and so should your content and how it’s delivered.

Expect and ask for feedback.

  • Ask for what you want to measure. Reviews along with “shares” and “mentions” on social media are “votes” for or against your services on some occasions.
  • Survey your dental patients. Repurpose those “nuggets” of honest feedback into more useful content that serves their interests, needs, and questions.

Why not “create a ruckus?” Step away from the crowd and perhaps you’ll build one.

That’s a superb ROI. Agree?

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