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Relating to Patients

Relating to Patients

1. Patients' needs are top priority. The practice owner and all staff should leave personal issues and opinions outside of the dental practice. Patients visit your office to improve their dental health and eliminate pain.

An atmosphere of warmth, cheerfulness and caring must be conveyed. Indifference to patients' problems will not contribute to this atmosphere so should not be tolerated.

Remember patients' names and use them often when talking with the patients. Refer to the patient as "Mr.,” "Mrs.,” "Miss," or "Ms.," unless the patient invites you to use their first name. Do not give patients nicknames or refer to them as "Hon," "Darling," or other pet names.

2. Your staff’s communication to patients must be in line with the practice policy and the dentist’s image. When talking to patients regarding their progress, staff need to be reassuring and tell patients they have the very best dentist and are in good hands. Tell them to follow the dentist’s instructions and that the dentist will do everything possible to make the patient comfortable, answer his/her questions. Non-treating personnel should never make personal recommendations or a diagnosis concerning patients' problems, causes or treatments. Rather, tell the patient to be sure to discuss the situation with the dentist. If necessary, walk the patient to the front desk and help them make an appointment for a consultation with the dentist.

3. Relay both positive and negative comments to the dentist. This enables the dentist to communicate better with patients, answer questions and avoid misunderstandings. Feel free to relay positive experiences expressed by patients at staff meetings.

4. It is important for all staff have an understanding of the dental profession. Staff should be encouraged to learn all they can about dental care.



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