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Morning Huddle

Morning Huddle

A dental practice morning meeting/huddle is quite different than a dental staff meeting. I'd leave the motivational stuff to staff meetings, as there is a lot to go over in a correctly run morning huddle and usually not much time to do so.

The morning meeting/huddle is a dental practice's COORDINATION & PRODUCTION meeting that should cover:

1. Month to Date Goal broken down by each dentist & hygienist.
2. A look at where you project to be toward attaining your monthly goal by the end of the day for each provider.
3. A look at the next five days in terms of what major procedures are scheduled and whether more is needed to be added to stay on goal.
4. Any solution to openings in the dentist’s schedule.
5. Identifying patients in the schedule with potential treatment that could be added to the schedule.
6. What patients need x-rays per your treatment guidelines.
7. When is emergency time available for the day.
8. Financial information on today’s patients (identify financial arrangements needed, poor pay, etc.)
9. Review new patient info from telephone contact form.
10. Status/follow-up on yesterday’s changes in schedule. Bring yesterday’s schedule to discuss.
11. Anything else that needs to be done today.
12. Potential issues/problems i.e. lab cases not in, lack of inventory, etc.

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