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Correcting Employees

Correcting Employees

The key to compliance is having a written Dental Office Manual with all policy put together in a format that requires written attests that each policy has been read and agreed to.

Then when policy is not followed a system to correct people is as follows:

1. When a policy, procedure or system is violated you or your Office Manager will conduct a "Policy, Procedure and System Review" with the employee, in private, and off production time. The key to an effective review is not to assume the employee is bad or malicious. Assume there is something they do not understand. Find out what they don't understand or what they disagree with.

2. Get whatever is not understood or disagreed with sorted out.

3. Once the employee understands and agrees with the policy, procedure or system the review is complete. 

4. Have the employee sign a written attest they understand and will follow the policy, procedure or system.  This is very important. There is something powerful about a person attesting in writing.

5. If the policy, procedure or system is again violated repeat step 1-4.

6. If the policy, procedure or system is again violated repeat step 1-4.

7. If the policy, procedure or system is again violated consider dismissing the employee as he or she is apparently unable or unwilling to follow policy.

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