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The organization of a practice is, in essence, composed of ensuring you and your staff members know how to efficiently and effectively process:

a. New Patients
b. Returning Patients
c. Emergency Patients

When we begin with a new client he evaluates where the weak links are in handling new, returning and emergency patients. He then systematically strengthens each of the weak links through training.

The following functions are a few examples of where weak links are often discovered: 


a. New Patient phone calls
b. Processing new patients
c. Financial arrangements
d. Patient retention
e. Scheduling (low production days, no shows, cancels, etc.)
f. Little or no effective internal marketing

Often there are functions not even being done such as running an effective morning huddle or doing quality control (correction) of employees. Mike also evaluates your staff's strengths and weaknesses as staff members are sometimes not positioned correctly. Another key is to ensure that specific functions are assigned to specific staff so there is accountability and eliminating overlapping functions.

Morning Huddle
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