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Should I have been a hairdresser instead?

Should I have been a hairdresser instead?

How many of your female patients would miss their hair appointments? My wife tells me, "not many".

Is that because there’s such a thing as hair insurance now? Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I don’t think so.

Do you know women generally spend about $100 to $150 on their hair appointments and they do this about every 4 to 6 weeks. That’s at least $1200 per year on their hair! And it’s all out of pocket, without the necessity of being confirmed or reconfirmed. They arrive on their own free will, without needing to check with their husbands to see if it’s okay.

Perhaps you’ve even had a patient or two cancel their appointment with you so they could make their hair appointment!

Here’s something you can do: Pull a stack of charts out that are for patients with dental insurance. How many of them came in twice a year? Keep in mind that their out of pocket cost is almost always near zero.

So why is it that hairdressers have a much easier time than your hygiene department? The reason is they have a desire and want for the salon service.

This is what your hygiene department needs to create with the patients in your dental practice. They need to educate the patient on hygiene care, on preventive dentistry; and create desire, want and value for the service.

Kevin Tighe, Cambridge Dental Consultants, Senior Consultant, got bitten hard by the business and marketing bug during long summer days working at his dad's Madison Avenue ad agency. After joining Cambridge as a speaker in the mid-1990s, Kevin went on to become Cambridge’s senior consultant and eventually CEO. Cambridge Dental Consultants is a full-service dental practice management company offering customized dental office manuals. Frustrated? High overhead? Schedule a chat with Kevin at 

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