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The True Source of Lost Income

The True Source of Lost Income

Is your staff pay (including hygiene) under 25%? If not, don't go begging, it's time to make your current staff more productive, not hire or fire more people.

Here's a datum you need to have under your belt: The less in-house training you provide your staff, the higher your percent of payroll will be. Why? Because proper training puts your staff in the driver's seat. Without it they end up as road kill along with you and your dental practice.

You can’t just train your staff with conversations over the water cooler, pep talks or group hugs. You need to actually apprentice them on the nuts and bolts of their jobs and then continue to educate and correct them.

This is how you’ll create a team of professionals producing high numbers with a low payroll percent.

A typical situation: You hire an "experienced" receptionist but you don't provide any in house training or apprenticeship.

So the new person does it "her way" and often creates more headaches than the person you just got rid of.

The highest producing staff members are those that are trained and apprenticed in house.

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