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DIY Expert Dental SEO Part III: Content

DIY Expert Dental SEO Part III: Content

Name, Address and Phone (NAP)

NAP should be be on every page of your website and marked-up with a code called "schema". Schema mark-ups improve the way Google and other search engines read and represent your page in search results. .There are specific types of schema markups for local businesses. You can find more information at or ask your webmaster or website developer.


Content needs to be localized. This does not mean simply adding your location name into your content every few sentences. Add in mentions of local landmarks or local events or local groups in a natural and conversational way. Ditto for keywords such as “dentist”, “family dentist”, “family dentistry”, “best dentist” and specific keywords such as “implant” if the page is specifically on implants however do not “keyword stuff”. Mentioning your town in a natural, conversational way is what you want to strive for as Google can tell if your content is canned or not.

Pro Tip: Read out loud each page of your web site and edit until it sounds natural and conversational. Doing this will uncover awkward, unnatural phrasing.

What makes your practice stand out? Why your patients never consider going to another dentist?

Communicate that in your content!

As you update your pages, always think about what makes your practice stand out as many people will compare different dentists that come up on a search. Whatever you don’t write corny fluffy content like, “We treat patients like family* or “We have the best customer service”.

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