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Make your dental patients comfortable

Make your dental patients comfortable

As your dental receptionist becomes familiar with patients she will know a little more about them and will be able to talk to them about their interests, etc.

This is very important. She should make a point of bringing up what she talked about last time the patient was in.

For instance, if the patient just went on vacation, ask them how it went. If the patient had a baby, got a new job, is looking for a job, just got married, had a ballgame, went to a ballgame. . . anything! It makes the patient feel much more comfortable if staff care enough to remember a thing or two about them.

If you don’t remember anything about the patient, ask if anyone else does. If not, look at the patient’s information and see if there is anything you would feel comfortable talking to them about.

For instance, if the patient’s medical history shows that he has two children, ask how old. If the patient works for AT&T, ask if he knows Mr. _____________ (another patient who also works there). Be creative! If you are really interested, there’s almost always something that you can find in common with someone.

Delivery of quality dentistry in a friendly and caring atmosphere is what it's all about. Being friendly and caring means being honestly interested in your patients and communicating that interest. It does not mean telling the patients about you or your personal life. It’s all about the patient, not about you or your staff.

This is a key action to a successful practice. 


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