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Reactivation Tips

Reactivation Tips

1. Reactivation, whether for recare or unscheduled treatment, tends to get shoved aside by the front desk due to what seems like more pressing issues that come up on any given day.

In a solo practice two to four hours a week should be spent on reactivation as well following up on patients who are over due for re-care or who are incomplete on their treatment plans. Keep in mind that something like two-thirds of all restorative work originates out of hygiene.

2. Unless the patient has specified otherwise, late afternoons/early evenings are the best times to make reactivation calls. Saturday mornings are good too. Again, unless the patient has specified otherwise, call the patient’s cell phone first. Calls should be staggered with a postcard or letter every month or two. Offer a reactivation special.

Sending birthday, anniversary or any other appropriate personal cards is a smart move as well.

3. Only do #2 with those patients you want in your practice i.e. do not call patients who no showed three times or more (or two times for those who were unapologetic). Dismiss or short list for those patients only.

4. Someone needs to be accountable for reactivation functions. If you don’t make a specific staff member responsible than there is no accountability.

5. Monitor reactivation functions with statistics.

Reactivation is one of the most vital front office functions in the management of your dental practice so you are very wise to put attention on it.

A very good step by step protocol entitled "Patient Reactivation Checklist" is available as a complimentary download.

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