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Dental staff benefits

Dental staff benefits

Cambridge Dental Consultants makes the following general recommendations for staff benefits. Always check your state's specific rules and regulations: 


Defined contribution route or individual plans are a good way to go. The usual range is $150 to $250 per month. 

Dental care

Staff members are eligible for no-charge dental care after three months of employment. We provide full time staff with free preventive and basic restorative care and home instructions as long as service is delivered during normal business hours when there is availability on the schedule. 

The spouse and children of full time staff also receive dental care at no charge. All staff and family members’ appointments for dental care must also only be delivered during normal business hours when there is availability on the schedule.

“Complex cases" must be approved ahead of time. Costs will vary based on the case. If approved labs fees are paid for by the employee or family member. The definition of complex is at the sole discretion of the practice owner(s).

Staff members receiving dental care must ensure they are not “on the clock” when receiving any kind of dental or hygiene care at our practice. 

Vacations (full time employees only)

One week of paid vacation during second and third years. 

Two weeks of paid vacation for the fourth and subsequent years. 

Note: If you set up as above paid vacation time is considered earned at the conclusion of each year of employment. If the employee leaves or is dismissed one day into the next employment year, vacation has already been earned and should be paid out. 

PTO  (full time employees only)

PTO accumulates at a rate of one half day per month after 90 days of employment. At the end of the year any unused PTO can be paid out to the employee. If the employee quits or is dismissed before the end of the year, any unused, accumulated PTO should be paid out. 

Paid holidays

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In doing so your paid holiday policy should stipulate the employee must also work the days the employee normally work that come right before and after a holiday. For example, if the employee normally works Monday-Thursday and the holiday falls on a Monday the employee must work the Thursday before as well as the Tuesday after the holiday. Also the holiday must fall on a day the employee normally works.

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