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Job Descriptions and Hiring

Job Descriptions and Hiring

I recommend you provide each applicant with a job description summary of the position for which they are applying at the time they are given the application to fill out. You should also use similar descriptions in staff training office manuals for your dental practice.

The summary should not go into great detail or specific procedures but simply touch on the general duties that will be expected of them.

It should also include a statement which shows the duties they are expected to perform.

Be sure to add a statement that indicates duties “include, but are not limited to….” This wording will allow for expansion of the duties to include functions that are within the normal parameters of that position. If there are specific requirements, such as knowledge of specific computer software, it should be listed in this summary.

Using the job description summary below as an example, you can see that the general description of the job is there. Receiving and distributing mail could be added to these duties and would easily be seen as an expansion of duties for the position. Because of the way the job description summary is worded, it is specific enough to satisfy the applicant and give a fair representation of what will be expected. At the same time, it is not so specific that it prohibits expansion of duties within the overall category of “general office duties.”

Sample Job Dental Office Description:

Administrative Assistant

The duties and responsibilities of the administrative assistant position include, but are not limited to, general office duties such as typing, filing, copying, faxing, answering the phone, and customer service. A working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel programs is required. This position is a full time position of 40 hours per week.

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