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Hygiene Bonus Program

Hygiene Bonus Program

Typically I find that dental hygienists prefer a salary with some kind of production bonus. Ideally the hygienist should produce 3x the hygienist's pay. The variable that can change from one practice to another is the hygienist's base line set for each hygienist.

It’s best to get a daily average the hygienist has produced over the last 6 months. It is also a good idea to run it as a pilot for 3 months before setting it in stone, to ensure it is fair and equitable for both the owner and hygienist. This is the hygiene bonus program I recommend:

1) Calculate the daily average production for the hygienist over the past 6 months. Include any x-ray fees, sealants, etc.

2) This calculation should be no less than $500 per day. The minimum calculation is 3x the hygienist's daily pay.

Example: Daily pay is $175 x 3 = $525 = daily base line.

3) At the end of the month multiply the hygienist's days worked by the hygienist's base line.

Example: 16 days x  $525 = $8,400 = monthly base line.

4) Assuming the hygienist's production is higher than the hygienist's monthly base line, the hygienist will have a bonus. Subtract the hygienist's base line from the hygienist's total production for the month.


Production = $10,000

Base line     - $8,400

                   = $1,600


5) Multiply the difference by 20% (or more if you like) to arrive at the hygienist's actual bonus for the month.

Example: $1600 x 20% = $320 bonus for the month

Modify the actual bonus percentage as you see fit but I wouldn't go above 33%.

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