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Hygiene: Up or Down?

Hygiene: Up or Down?

Let’s do some basic math.

Let's say you’re getting 30 new dental patients a month. That’s 360 new dental patients in a year which means a possible 720 hygiene appointments.

So are you adding new hygiene days to your schedule? If you’re not then there are big, gaping holes in your dental recare system that a city bus could fall through.

The whole dental office helps to dig these holes. It could be a number of things and usually is. But it all falls under the category of “lack of control.”

Speaking of lack of control…

Dentists are always looking at the problem of generating more income. But what they should be doing is exerting more control over their dental practice. The better control you have over your dental practice the higher the income will be.

My job as a consultant is to find out where there's lack of control and fix it. And when this happens income goes up, dentists get big smiles on their faces (for awhile anyway) and staff are suddenly happier.

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