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Internal Marketing

Internal Marketing

"Internal Marketing" should really be called "Referral Marketing". Assuming you have a decent amount of active dental patients you should be able to bump up your new patients by doing some formal Internal Marketing. 

Doing so is smart dental practice management as it costs next to nothing to implement.

KEYS to long-term success are:

a. You must assign responsibility for overseeing the program to one person.

Others are involved but one person must be responsible for the overall implementation and execution otherwise there will be no accountability.

b. You must monitor with statistics on a weekly basis.

If you don't do "a" and "b" the program will be neglected and drop out of use as there will always be functions in your dental practice that are apparently more priority and screaming for your attention.

An editable and complimentary "Internal Marketing Program" is available on on our complimentary download page.

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