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Receiving New Patients

Receiving New Patients

Your dental receptionist should do the following when receiving a new patient:
Greet the patient in a warm, friendly and professional manner. Be sure to introduce yourself, including your job title. Offer to hang up the patient’s coat.


Ask the patient to complete the necessary forms including signing off on the practice's financial policy. Offer assistance if needed. All new patients must fill out these forms prior to being seen for treatment or hygiene, even if they are a “one-time-only” patient.

If there is an unforeseen delay in the schedule, offer the patient a beverage (coffee, tea, juice, water, etc.)

Inform appropriate staff that the new patient has arrived.

While the patient is completing the forms required, create the patient chart.

Double check the forms for completeness (DOB, SS#, insurance information, allergies, medical problems, patient signature, etc.). Add any necessary stickers to the chart. Enter needed information into the computer to complete patient and account screens.

Inform the appropriate person (Assistant or Hygienist) that the patient is ready. Seat the patient yourself if all clinical personnel are busy.

If patient has insurance, and if insurance hasn't been verified, fill out the form and give it to the Accounts Manager for immediate verification.

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