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Missed Calls from New Patients

Missed Calls from New Patients

Did you know that when a new patient calls your dental office when it's closed, most will not leave a message on your voice mail or answering machine?

This is particularly true on Fridays when many dental practices are closed.

So what should you do?

On the days you’re closed you could have your receptionist or some other staff member come in or even hire a “dental answering service” both of which are expenses you really don’t need.

The solution is Caller ID.

Caller ID is a powerful practice management tool that let’s you know who has called in when you are out.


And it costs next to nothing to have.


•When following up on the missed calls do not call any one number more than once otherwise it will seem you are desperate or into high pressure sales tactics.

•Add to your receptionist's daily checklist to review the Caller ID each morning and of course to follow up on all the missed calls. If she doesn't have a daily checklist make one for her or send me an e-mail and I'll get you a copy of the one we have.

Protocol for Calling Patients Who Did Not Schedule
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