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How to chose dental consultants

How to chose dental consultants

Dental consultants are not "one size fits all" so it's key  you find a custom fit for you and your practice. You don't want to bring dental consultants into your practice whose overall vision does not align with yours. Points to consider:

1.  A common complaint from practice owners is a requirement they purchase and read through a dozen or more  binders containing hundreds of polices and forms and a boatload of stats to report. If that's not your thing, avoid such programs.

2. Do you and/or your staff have to travel or do the dental consultants come to you? 

3. Cost (including travel expenses and downtime) is an important factor. You tend toget what your pay for, but you can easily overpay as well. 

4. Is the program mostly one on one coaching or just seminars or courses with multiple clients in attendance?

5. If the consulting is one on one which of the firm's' dental consultants will actually do the delivery? Many recommend knowing who your specific coach or consultant will be prior to signing on the dotted line.

6. Require references for the specific consultant you will work with.

7. Ensure the program will be tailor-made to fit your practice's specific needs as some programs are cookie cutter programs.

8. Is the program licensed or directly connected to any religious organizations? If in doubt, ask. If the answer is "Yes" then "Run Forest Run".

A little homework goes a long way in choosing reputable dental consultants that are a good fit for you and your dental practice. 

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