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Dental Consultant Tips: Systems and Staff

The best systems in the world are useless if the staff members do not comply. An effective leader and executive knows how to get staff to willingly follow through and comply. Key systemds:

1. New patient phone call. This is the single most important function in a practice. 

2. New patient experience. This includes NPs educated on how their specific insurance works so there are no surprises for the patient if they end up with a bill.

3. Insurance accurately and quickly submitted, followed up on and collected. This includes accurate accounts and on time statements. Also firm financial policy that is followed. 

4. Effective patient education by all providers.

5. Scheduling to goal.

6. Effective confirmation.

8. Reactivation and follow up on unscheduled treatment.

9. Morning huddle

10. How to correct employees

11. Monitoring of monthly stats as well as other key stats either daily or weekly.

12. Internal marketing to generate referrals. External marketing as needed. 

13. Budgeting to ensure profitability. 

14. Written training manuals including general policy for all employees.


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