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Dental Assistant Daily Checklist

Dental Assistant Daily Checklist

Sample checklist. Copy and edit to fit your needs.


_____  Greet patients and seat them in the operatory.

_____  Review medical history and chart.

_____  Take any necessary x-rays before the doctor arrives to treat patient.

_____  Assist the doctor at chair side.

_____  Pour up opposing preliminary alginate impression (if necessary).

_____ Fill out progress note information and place it in the chart; complete and secure the doctor’s signature.

_____  Fill out routing slip, accurately indicating all procedures performed, any prescriptions needed and the next visit information.

_____  Take chart, routing slip, and lab slip to the Accounts Manager before dismissing the patient from the chair.

_____  Dismiss the patient from chair and escort him/her to Accounts Manager for checkout.

_____  Clean the operatory after each patient.

_____  Prepare the room for the next patient.

_____  Pack any inserted/completed lab case in a zip lock bag and label it (patient’s name, insertion date, tooth number, prosthetic type).  Empty the box in lab.

_____  Keep inventory control throughout the day.  Constantly check the supply of materials and write down any needed supplies, including any necessary information and always check to be sure the needed supplies have not already been ordered.

_____ Sterilize instruments.

_____  File x-rays in charts.

_____  Trim and label all poured models.

_____  Wash, dry and hang lab coats when needed.

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