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Practice Manager Checklist

Practice Manager Checklist

Info: This checklist addresses the basics that a dental office manager should maintain and accomplish on a daily basis.

Be on time for the dental office morning meeting (at least five minutes early).

Start the morning meeting at the exact proper time.

Make sure the receptionist has the Daily Report filled out prior to the morning huddle.

Review the schedule and the patient charts rapidly.

Encourage staff to increase production for the upcoming day.

Get full agreement from staff on attaining the production and patient visit goal for the day.

Start seeing patients ON TIME.

Be alert to staying on time throughout the day, while creating extra production as needed in coordination with your staff.

Refrain from being sloppy or rushed when enlightening a patient about the need for their individual treatment plan.

Ask your accounts manager how she plans on making her collection goal for the day and week. Ask her to show you the details.

Ask your collections manager how she plans on getting the “over 60” days A/R down to a respectable level. Ask to see her plan.

Review the A/R with your collections manager and ensure she is following up on all delinquent accounts per the approved procedure for doing so.

Meet with your receptionist and find out what the “number of new patients scheduled” or “production booked” number is for tomorrow, as well as next week and the following week. Congratulate her when this statistic is up and help her figure out how to get more on the books when it is down.

When you have a break in between patients, complete any needed paperwork.

Handle any patient paperwork backlogs.

Every fifth day, schedule some personal face time with each employee and ask how they are doing and what help they need to get better trained and/or to improve their abilities. Then, make sure they get the help.

Empty your mailbox and answer or file all communication daily.

Always refer staff to written procedures when being verbally asked about something already covered in policy or procedures.

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