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Office Manager Job Description

Office Manager Job Description

In short: “To assist dental staff to become more efficient, productive and competent with the result of a more profitable dental practice that delivers excellent service to its patients.”

An OM should maintain a high level of competence and integrity that sets a good example for the rest of the staff. 

If employees find themselves working for someone whose work ethic is lower than their own they will eventually leave or  lower their own standards.

Most office managers never received a business degree. Typically they just found themselves with more responsibilities than other staff and at some point were given the “Office Manager” title. In most cases, they did not receive an increase in pay or bonus to accompany this new responsibility.

The truth is that until a practice has 8-10 staff, there is no real need for an OM as what a real OM does is hire, train, apprentice, correct and manage the other staff.

A real OM is not answering the phone, scheduling, doing financial arrangements, etc. However an OM should be able to do all these jobs better than anyone else otherwise how can she properly train, correct and manage the other staff? A vital skill for an OM is having the expertise to train other staff.

The truth is that when you have willing staff who have been trained on proven systems, they require almost no supervision or management. In essence, they become executives of their own areas. When this occurs you will have a staff driven practice instead of a doctor driven practice which is a beautiful thing.

Dental Office Manual

A key function for any OM is the training and correcting of staff. A vital tool to accomplish this function is to have customized, written dental office manuals for all staff. Cambridge's top dental office manuals are widely consider some of the best in the business you can get. There are manuals for each position in a practice including one for the OM. 

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