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Office Statistics

Office Statistics

Statistics measure habits, good or bad.  When your dental practice numbers are down you need to change something.  Now you don't want to just concentrate on the "big" statistics such as production, collections and new patients.

By monitoring "sub-statistics" you can quickly correct the "big" statistics before they go down too much. A good example of this would be to monitor "dollar value of treatment presented versus dollar value of treatment accepted".

If you know, that in general, your treatment accepted runs around 80%, you will know that you need to correct something if you see the percent trending down.

By jumping on it quickly you can actually prevent the production from being down for the month or turning into a longer downturn. Here are some key statistics that I suggest be monitored:

Doctor Production

Hygiene Production

Total Collections

Number of Active Patients

Number of Reactivated Patients

Number of Patients Seen In Hygiene

Number of Unproductive Hours In Hygiene

Treatment Presented versus Accepted

Number of New Patients

You can fairly easily create "sub-statistics" for any of the "big" statistics.  For example in regards to reactivating patients you would have the person doing the reactivating keep track of the following statistics:

a. Number of calls made.

b. Number of appointments made.

c. Number of appointments kept.

You can pretty much guarantee that the number of patients reactivated will trend down if less calls are made. It's better that you concentrate, on a daily or weekly basis, on the number of calls made. Keeping these "sub-statistics" also gives you a tool to diagnose why a number is going down. For example, if the number of calls being made is trending up but the number of patients being reactivated is going down then you pretty much know: a) the person is falsely reporting the number of calls made or b) the person needs further training and drilling on their phone skills.

Dentist vs. Hygiene Production
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