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Relating to dental patients

1. Patients' needs are our top priority. You must leave your personal issues and opinions outside of the office. Patients visit our office to improve their health and eliminate pain. An atmosphere of warmth, cheerfulness and caring must be conveyed. Indifference to patients' problems will not contribute to this atmosphere.Remember patients' names and use them often when talking with the patients. Refer to the patient as "Mr.," "Mrs.,” "Miss," or "Ms.," unless the patient invites you to use their first name. Do not give patients nicknames or refer to them as "Hon," "Darlin," or other pet names.2. Your statements to patients...
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Dental production killers

Staff non compliance and double work are production killers. Only surround yourself with "A"and "B" type staff and ensure there is accountability. Examples of double work: Lab case not in the office. Patient arrives for appointment.Incomplete information in patient charts.Incomplete insurance submission.Insurance not verified.Patient leaves the office without an appointment.Phone numbers for patient are not correct. Appointment not confirmed. Delivering more dentistry in the back then was scheduled; front desk not notified.Treatment plan sequence not written up.Financial arrangements not made.Incomplete treatment not followed up on.Message taken but not given to the correct person.Patient health history not completed Kevin Tighe, Cambridge Dental Consultants, Senior Consultant, got bitten...
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Dental office confirmation system

Your confirmation system should be tailored to each type of patient and have a personal touch. 

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Dental assistant hiring questions & tips

Interview questions:

1.  What expanded duties did you do at Dr. ______'s office?

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