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Dental Practice Consulting: Why Policy?

Can you imagine baseball without any rules? Or, driving in rush hour traffic with no laws or guidelines governing what to do when the lights turn green or red?

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Dental Consultant Advice: Patient Questions

A dental receptionist (or any staff member for that matter) should never try to wing it when it comes to answering patient’s dental questions.

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Dental Consultant Advice: Patient Retention

UNSCHEDULED TREATMENT The first step. If the patient cannot schedule, for example, because the patient needs to review finances with their spouse, whoever did the consult needs to get the patient’s agreement to follow up with a call the next day if at all possible. Get a specific time and the phone number the patient can be reached at.  In the situation where the patient needs to talk to a spouse but, after doing so, the patient still does not schedule, suggest to the patient that the spouse come in so that the treatment plan can be explained and why the...
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Dental Consultant Advice: No Show Fee?

No one likes no shows or cancellations but they happen bit your scheduler nneds to know how to properly call a patient who has missed an appointment.

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