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Dental Marketing 101

Much of marketing involves testing which is a fancy word for trial and error. My dad was considered Madison Avenue's top copywriter back in the day. One of the original Mad Men.

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Dental Consultant Hiring Interview Tips

The trick is to be able recognize fairly quickly you made an error and cut your losses if you do get fooled. Don't feel bad if it happens as it has happened to nearly everyone more often than we would like. Also never overpay. Whatever you do don't blow out your payroll percent with a high paying "free agent". It rarely works out in sports let alone in the management of dental practices.   Interview Tips: 1) Engage in social conversation to make the job candidate feel at ease and to observe their ability to small talk. Are they too serious...
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Dental Consultant Tip: Employment ads

Dental Hygienist - Part Time. Very complete Soft Tissue management program with close follow up and education of patients. If you like a friendly/productive office and can contribute to our practice, we would like to talk to you. Call (201) 555-1212.

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Dental Office General Policy Manual Tips

Whether you create a dental general policy manual on your own or purchase one), upon compiliation, consult with a local HR person or your attorney to ensure your HR policies are compliant for your particular state.

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