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Dental Office Voice Mail Greeting

What should your voice mail message contain? 

You or your dental receptionist should introduce yourself and then clearly state:

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Dental Consultant Advice: Saturdays?

Opening your dental practice on nights or on a weekend can be quite productive however considering evening or weekend scheduling is typically a solution to some problem in the practice that can be fixed by upgrading the management of your dental practice.

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Dental Consultant Advice: Hiring Sources

Places to look for new dental practice employees:

a., and

b. Dental representatives

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Dental Consultant Advice: Your Huddle

The two purposes of a dental office morning huddle are Problem solve anticipated problems in advance of the current day.  The team knowing where the practice stands in relationship to monthly goals and working together to come up with solutions to get on goal when needed. Not all practice owners want to set daily and monthly goals. I recommend doing so but, the practice owner decides.  The huddle also acts as a bridge for staff transitioning from their day to day lives to the business day.  Huddle Report Form: A customizable huddle form will be supplied to you. The form is gone...
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