Local search ads for dentists

Ads on Google can feature your practice's location and get new patients to call your practice, read reviews or visit your website.. When new patients search for a dentist on Google or Google Maps they can see local search ads that feature your dental office location. 


Here are some of the potential benefits of local search ads:

  • Get new patient calls
  • New patients learn more about your practice. Local search ads link to your practice’s location page, which includes office hours, address, patient reviews, and office photos.

What they look like on mobile

When new patients search on Google for a dentist your practice location may be featured at the top of the local results. Similarly, ads that feature your dental practice location may also appear when new patients make similar searches on Google Maps.

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What they look like on desktop

Similarly, ads that feature your dental practice location may also appear when new patients make similar searches on Google Maps on your desktop.

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Acquiring new patients on-line is a three step process:

  1. Gaining the attention of potential new patients on-line. Google Ads are a quick and effective way to do so. 
  2. Potential new patients taking action in the form of a phone call, on-line scheduling or inquiry.
  3. Your front desk competently handling new patient phone calls. 

The goal of an Ad Words campaign is to get the attention of users so they take action in the form of a phone call to your office or a visit to your web site at which point they take some kind of action  Ad Words success is measured by "Click Through Rate" (CTR) at a budget that provides an acceptable ROI. The average CTR for all search ads cumulatively is 1.91%.  

If after 90 days the campaign is generating an acceptable CTR, but there has not been an increase in new patient phone calls or inquiries, your landing page(s) are likely the issue. I can provide guidelines to help improve the landing page(s) right from the start if needed.  

On the other hand, if you are getting a good CTR and a noticeable increase in new patient phone calls or inquiries, but not a noticeable increase in actual new patients the issue is likely the employee(s) who is handling your new patient calls. I can also be assistance on the proper handling of new patient phone calls.

We only work with dentists, have some of the best prices around, no contracts and are 100% transparent  

What's the cost?

The cost of a new patient across all dental marketing platforms and demographics averages $150 – $300. I've read a study that puts the cost as high as $423. Your budget is a combination of Cambridge's Google Ad Words Management fee of $275.00 per month (no contracts) plus whatever you budget for the actual Google Ads which is paid directly to Google by you.

Note: Google campaigns need at least 90 days to run so ads can be tested and bids optimized.

Once you sign up I will be in touch by email to get the ball rolling with the intention to have your campaign up and running within 3-5 business day.  

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to increase your new patient flow. 

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