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New Patient Checklist

New Patient Checklist

1. Dental Receptionist

Greets patient, welcomes them to the practice, has them sign in.

Verify dental insurance coverage.

Make photocopy of insurance card and retain master copy of insurance form, if applicable.

Enter new patient information into computer or manual system.


Place yearly code label on treatment record.

Note referral source on new patient chart. Note referral on referral source chart and send appropriate referral acknowledgment.

Complete patient record, type label, affixed a record, medical alert noted and quick claim form attached.


Informs the Treatment Coordinator patient has arrived. 


2. Dental Treatment Coordinator

Greets the patient and escorts to consultation room.

Establish rapport and inform of dentist's qualifications.

Take blood pressure and complete Health History Questionnaire.

Ask questions on “Dental Profile”.

Explain how insurance works and appointment guidelines.

Inform assistant/hygienist patient is ready for x-rays.

Optional: Call patients other medical provider if info needed regarding patient’s health history.

3. Dentist

Review health history and dental history and blood pressure.

Conduct initial screening exam and orders necessary x-rays and study models if indicated.

4. Hygienist

Process radiographs.

Take impressions for study models, if applicable.

Takes 4 oral camera shots of possible problem areas and reviews with patient.

Does perio probing.

Gives patient reading materials and informs them they will be back in three to four minutes.

Retrieve x-rays.

Inform doctor and treatment coordinator patient ready for clinical exam.

5. Dentist/Treatment Coordinator

Perform clinical exam.

Treatment coordinator enters information into the chart.

Treatment coordinator transfers the recommended treatment plan from the chart to the treatment plan in patient terminology.

TX Coordinator helps doctor by asking questions and reinforcing doctor's statements.

Doctor asks patient if they knew they have dental disease.

Doctor presents treatment plan and educates on next phase of disease if untreated.

Gets patients commitment to correct each area found before explaining next condition.

Informs patient the treatment coordinator will go over all treatment needed and the costs involved.

6. Dental Treatment Coordinator

Once in the financial arrangement room ask the patient if they fully understand the treatment that doctor is recommending and why they need it.

Get the treatment explain using pictures, etc.

Go over the whole treatment plan and cost for each portion.

Explain approximately how many visits it will take and the total patient portion (if insurance) and that this is strictly an estimate.

Explain payment options: pay upfront, use credit cards, a premium dental credit company, pay-as-you-go.

Give a copy of the treatment plan to the patient to sign and bring them to the scheduling coordinator for the next appointment.

7. Dental Scheduling Coordinator

Schedule the patient for the next visit based on information from the treatment coordinator.

Additional policies on handling new patients can be found in our Dental Office Manuals here

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