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Voice Mail Messages

Voice Mail Messages

What should your voice mail message contain?

a. Your dental practice's hours.

b. Instructions for your dental patients in case of an emergency  i.e. call your cell, 911 or a covering dentist.

c. When the patient can expect to be called back.

d. What information the patient should leave i.e. the reason for the call, their name and a good time to call back.

Message should be clear, quite friendly and professional.




Hello. You’ve reached the dental practice of Dr. Smith. Our regular hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday. We are closed on Fridays. If this is a patient of record and a true emergency you may call Dr. Smith on his cell phone at 212-555-1212. For medical emergencies please call 911. For all other calls please leave a message with your name and phone number,  the best time to reach you as well the reason for your call. We will get back  to you the next business day. Thank you!

Make sure you have caller ID in case the caller does not leave a message or forgets to leave their contact info.

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