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Out of Network:

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Here’s how I recommend you handle out of network dental financial arrangements: Let’s say the patient needs a crown and your UCR is $1000.00. 1. Verify benefits to determine how much the insurance company is expected to pay. For example $350.00. 2. Tell the patient you will bill insurance company for the $350.00. 3. Ensure the patient signs off on your financial policy that should include they are responsible for payment if the insurance company doesn't pay in a timely manner. 4. Collect the $650.00 balance at the time of service. 5. If the $350.00 is not received within at least... Continue reading
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Cancels and No Shows

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You don't need a PhD in human behavior, statistical management or anything like that to be able to keep cancels and no shows down to a dull roar. There will always be some no shows and cancels no matter how many different systems, stats or credit reports you run. The trick to is to keep it 10% or less. The simplicity of cutting down on no shows and cancels is to simply do the following with #1 being the most vital action: While patients are in the practice do a good job of educating patients of the likely negative effects on... Continue reading

Statistics: What do with them?

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Statistics are like x-rays or a car's dashboard. Stats tell you and the employee what's going on in a specific area of the practice. Some stats can be assigned to a specific employee. For example NPs or # of Patients Reactivated. If a stat is trending down then likely something changed which means you need to figure out what changed and get it reverted back. Typically this happens when someone new takes over a position and changes things or some successful action is changed or stopped. For example NPs start trending down and you discover that referral cards are no longer... Continue reading