Spouse in a dental practice?

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Spouse in a dental practice?

A few thoughts about having a spouse work in a dental practice:

a. A spouse in a dental practice can be the best or worse of times for obvious reasons. 

b. It can be the best of times as the spouse has a vested interest in the practice. 

c. It can be the worse of times because the work at the practice may cause  issues on the home front.

d. The spouse can never use the "spouse card" in interacting with the other staff.

e. Just as you would not interact at home with your spouse as if he or she is an "employee" you shouldn't interact with your spouse at work as you would at home.

IMHO the ideal position for a spouse is to learn each position backwards and forwards so that he or she can be used as a trainer of the staff as well as fill in when an employee is absent or while there is an open position that you are getting filled. The spouse can then help hire and train them. In this situation you could also use a spouse to oversee finances, marketing, etc.

My wife and I have worked together for nearly 20 years. In the early days it was tough at times but over the long haul it has worked out very well. Your mileage may vary.

Bottom line: Your marriage comes first. Everything else is secondary.

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