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Dx999 - Unspecified Procedures

When a procedure isn't adequately described by an existing CDT code, it is appropriate to submit it as one of the Dx999 codes.

Here are the Dx999 codes available in CDT 2017, and the category of service for each one:

  • D0999 Unspecified diagnostic procedure, by report
  • D1999 Unspecified preventive procedure, by report
  • D2999 Unspecified restorative procedure, by report
  • D3999 Unspecified endodontic procedure, by report
  • D4999 Unspecified periodontal procedure, by report
  • D5899 Unspecified removable prosthodontic procedure, by report
  • D5999 Unspecified maxillofacial prosthesis, by report
  • D6199 Unspecified implant procedure, by report
  • D6999 Unspecified fixed prosthodontic procedure, by report
  • D7899 Unspecified TMD therapy, by report
  • D7999 Unspecified oral surgery procedure, by report
  • D8999 Unspecified orthodontic procedure, by report
  • D9999 Unspecified adjunctive procedure, by report

Which one? The category of service best reflecting the service provided will determine which of these Unspecified Procedure codes to use.

All of these are "by report" codes, meaning they must include some type of narrative that describes the procedure.

Insurance implications

  • When a provider submits a service with a code that is not a CDT code, and they have included a description of the service, the insurance processor will often first attempt to find an existing CDT code for that service. If one does not exist, they might use one of these Dx999 codes. If there is inadequate description to determine which code to use, they might request further information from the provider. Otherwise that improperly coded submission can be simply denied.
Written by Jacob Hodara

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