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Dental Basics Handbook

Furcation Grading - Glickman Classification

Grade I

  • Incipient.
  • Just barely detectable with examination hand instruments.

Grade II

  • Early bone loss.
  • Examination hand instrument goes partially into the furcation, but not all the way through.
  • Furcation may be grade II on both sides of the tooth, but are not connected.

Grade III

  • Advanced bone loss.
  • Examination hand instrument goes all the way through furcation, to other side of tooth.
  • Furcation is through-and-through.

Grade IV

  • Through-and-through, plus furcation is clinically visible due to gingival recession.

The AAP definition of a furcation is "The anatomic area of a multirooted tooth where the roots diverge".

Written by Jacob Hodara

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