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Letter #2 Referral To Periodontist For Implant Consultation

Dr. Name
Office address
City, State ZIP
(or preferably print on letterhead)

Dr. Perio
City, State  Zip

Dear Dr. Perio:

I have referred [patient] to you for #14 implant evaluation.

She came to me for a second opinion regarding #14.  This tooth has had root canal treatment; the restoration (3/4 porcelain crown) has repeatedly come loose.  Her dentist recommended extraction and bridge, but she wasn’t sure about his recommendation.

When I removed the loose crown, the entire build-up was attached;  margins/fractures on M, L, & D were subgingival; only a very thin buccal wall was left supragingivally.

I feel extraction and implant or fixed bridge would be better than crown lengthening and heroically saving what is left.

I have not taken any other x-rays, as I don’t know if she will be changing dentists yet.


Dr. _____