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Case presentation and dental pateint education blog articles from Cambridge Dental Consultants and guest bloggers.

Dental Consultants Best Patient Education Tip


Show patients a worn restoration or a crown with exposed margins or pockets with active disease. 

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Dental Consultant Tip: Do Patients Understand?


The key to effective case presentation is to get patients to understand by raising their dental IQ, which results in patients who place value on their treatment plan.

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Dental Case Acceptance Percentage

Dental Case Acceptance Percentage

Is 75 % a good case acceptance percentage?

That depends on what the 75% represents.

If the doctor routinely presents abbreviated treatment plans, then of course the percent will be higher.

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Dental Consultant Tips Case Presentation

Dental Consultant Tips Case Presentation
The other way to get your percentage of staff pay into an acceptable range is to increase collections by increasing the percent of cases that are accepted. If your case acceptance percent runs 80% - and what I mean is that 80% of your patients commit to pay for and complete full treatment plans within a reasonable amount of time - then you're in the Michael Jordan league of case presentation. An acceptable amount is 70%. Anything less means your dental practice is hemorrhaging money.  This is an area where I find many doctors misdiagnose their dental office’s problem. Production is...
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