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Dental office dress code policy recommendation

Dental office dress code policy recommendation


The practice will purchase your uniforms for you. You will be responsible for maintaining your uniform. When you leave employment of the practice, all uniforms must be returned. If uniforms are not returned, you will be responsible for the current cost to replace them.

Since our floors are light in color, we require that you wear sneakers or appropriate shoes with white soles to keep black scuff marks to a minimum. You are responsible for the purchase and upkeep of your sneakers/shoes. Please keep them white.

Excessive jewelry, nail length, heavy makeup and perfume are neither appropriate, nor are they in keeping with the professional, natural health care image we maintain. Hair must be kept neat at all times.

Staff should keep their bodies clean and breath fresh. Anything less than clean, wrinkle free clothing is unacceptable.


Tattoos should be covered and facial piercings removed while at work.

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