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Perio education and trigger words

Perio education and trigger words

Your patients need to understand, for real, what can happen if they do not follow through with your recommended treatment. If you accomplish that, then you have done your job educating the patient. From that point forward, it’s on the patient and the front desk. The following education techniques will help you get there:

TRIGER WORDS & “YET”: Trigger words initiate a process or course of action. The term “trigger word” derives from the use of an explosive gun in days gone by to start a race.

“Yet” is a trigger word. Patients may not notice gum disease yet. The patient hasn’t lost any teeth yet.Like high blood pressure, there is no pain yet. 

SHOW: Patients need to be shockedUse intra-oral cameras to show blood and pus. Use panoramic x-rays to show where the bone is supposed to be. Phase contrast microscopes can show swarms of “bugs”. Spend two minutes showing patients “bugs” and they’ll be asking, ”Can you get rid of them?” 

WORDS: Avoid “science” words. Use common words only. Example: “Every time you bite down, you are squeezing blood, pus, etc. (all trigger words) into your blood stream.” Trigger words:



Infection (throughout the body) 






CLEANING vs SRP: Patients want a cleaning because it is covered by their insurance. You need to help patients understand a cleaning is a preventative procedure to keep them from getting gum disease but, if they need an SRP they 

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ceo cambridge dental practice management consultantsMy name is Kevin Tighe. I am Cambridge's owner and senior consultant. Before joining the Cambridge team I was in charge of setting up workshops for large nonprofits throughout the United States and Canada. During that time, I was fortunate to receive mentoring from several world-class business consultants, including a dental practice management guru, which led to a position at Cambridge as their seminar organizer. In time, I began crisscrossing the country delivering seminars myself for the better part of a decade. Subsequently, I moved up to senior consultant and eventually owner. A Free Practice Analysis is available. I will have one of my assistants follow up with you. Start here: