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Your Dental Consulting Program: We Come To You

Mission statement: To improve the quality of life, efficiency and profitability of private practice dentists through the convenient delivery of high quality consulting and training at a competitive price.

Your dental consulting program will be customized to fit the needs of your practice. The first step is to “chart” the practice. Your consultant will need:

Questionnaires: Practice owner and staff questionnaires filled out. 

Stats: Eleven monthly stats from the previous twelves months

Practice Management Software: Remote access to your PMS to review ARs, pending claims, etc. 

Once all data is collected, your consultant will recommend which systems need to be implemented and in what sequence. Systems are implemented using a series of training "modules". Key systems are then monitored daily by your consultant. 

Your full Cambridge New Client Program consists of three separate office visits scheduled three to four months apart. Each visit takes place over two days. The first day of each visit is typically a longer one. The second, a shorter one. After each visit, your consultant will follow up on a routine basis. Follow-up lasts thirty days past the third visit. 

Office visit are primarily used for staff training however some clients have urgent needs, such as with prcoessing insurance, accounts and collections. In those cases your first office visit many be delayed to get any urgent situation dealt with first, clearing the way for efficient use of your first office visit. 

Prior to each office visit your consultant and you will work out which training modules will be implemented. How many systems will be implemented over the course of your three office visits will vary, client to client. 

Note: After the first office visit, clients have the option to convert their second and third office visits into unlimited remote consulting (phone, email, text). Unlimited consulting is different than simple follow-up after office visits. Remote consulting includes the same training “module” protocols you receive with on-site visits. 

Staff Modules:

  • New Patient Referrals

  • New Patient Phone Call

  • Scheduling 

  • Patient Education 

  • Case Acceptance

  • Insurance Best Practices

  • Financial Arrangements

  • Confirmation

  • Unscheduled Treatment

  • Reactivation

  • Value Added Hygiene

Practice Owner/OM Modules:

  • Hiring and Firing

  • General Policy Manual

  • Morning Huddle

  • Staff Correction/Discipline

  • Embezzlement

  • Financial Planning

  • Customer Service 


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