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New Client Dental Practice Consulting Program

The Cambridge New Client Program is not “one size fits all”  but instead is customized for each client to improve productivity and efficiency by addressing such vital systems as:

  • Staff Hiring and Training
  • New Patients
  • Case Presentation
  • Financial Arrangements
  • Insurance
  • Scheduling
  • Confirmation
  • Reactivation
  • Goal Setting and Targeting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Financial Planning

Consulting and training is delivered on site at-your-practice over three separate visits by a veteran dental consultant with at least fifteen years experience. Each visit takes place over two days with trips typically scheduled three to four months apart. Your investment also includes:

  • All Travel Costs
  • Staff Training Manuals
  • Unlimited Follow-up & Support 

Mission Statement: To improve the quality of life, efficiency and profitability of dentists in private practice through the convenient delivery of high quality consulting and training at a competitive price.

Example of First Office Visit:

The first visit normally occurs four to six weeks after sign up. The first day is typically an eight-hour day or more. The second day is typically a four to six hour day. Your consultant will:

  1. Meet with you and observe your dental receptionist and all other dental front desk and back office staff in action. Review questionnaires from you and your staff.
  2. Get a full understanding from you of exactly what needs to happen for you to consider Cambridge exceeded your expectations.
  3. Work out a plan to correct any staff member who is not meeting your expectations. This could be due to a lack of training for their position or could be someone who is in some way disruptive or negative.
  4. Instruct you on how to correct your staff in a painless manner.
  5. Help you edit our Dental Employee Handbook and show you how to implement it.
  6. Show you or an assigned staff member exactly how to edit the remaining manuals using the knowledge of the existing staff.
  7. Go over how to set monthly goals and how to do an effective morning meeting.
  8. Review protocols and role play functions such as New Patient Calls, Case Presentation, Confirmation and Reactivation.

Again, this is only an example of a first office visit, as all visits are customized and tailored made to fit the needs of each individual client.

Example of Second Office Visit:

The second visit normally occurs four to six months after sign up. Just as in the first visit, the first day is typically an eight-hour day or more. The second day is typically a four to six hour day. Your consultant will:

  1. Observe your office in action and ensure the items from the first visit are in place and are now a part of the daily actions of the practice. The consultant will then look for other areas in the practice that need to be improved.
  2. Meet with the staff and go over the observations that were made.
  3. Find out from your staff what further training they see now needs to be implemented to continue to improve the office productivity and ultimately meet the goals of your practice.
  4. Role-play key procedures and protocols with you and/or your dental office manager. That way you and/or your OM know how to properly train staff. Note: The key to dental staff training is repetition. This is why it is vital you know how to train your own staff. The return on investment is much higher that way since staff turnover can happen at anytime. You don’t want valuable consulting time to leave with the departing employee.
  5. Create a plan of action with you based on your consultant's observations and review how the plan is to be implemented prior to the third visit.

Note: There could be a myriad of areas to address on this new plan such as: Reducing your ARs, patient reactivation or ensuring that certain staff understand Cambridge's Dental Basics Handbook. This is usually the case when there's a new front desk employee who is not fully versed in dental terminology.

Example of Third Office Visit:

The third visit normally occurs eight to ten months after sign up. Just as in the first and second office visits, the first day is typically an eight-hour day or more. The second day is typically a four to six hour day. Note: Clients have the option to convert the third office visit into three full days (24 hours) of video conferencing. Video conferencing is typically scheduled in one-hour time slots. Your consultant will:

  1. Observe the office in action and ensure the items from the first and second visits are in place and now a part of the daily actions of the practice. Your consultant will look for other areas in the practice needing further attention.
  2. Meet with the staff and go over observations. Your consultant will review all of the strong points present in the office and create a monitoring system to ensure that the office does not slip back into old habit patterns.
  3. Review areas of the office that are not as strong as they should be to reach optimum production. Typical example: Lack of office meetings with an exact agenda designed to solve problems that don’t turn into gripe sessions; inadequate financial policy or poor case presentation.
  4. Put in a monitoring system for all areas of the office so that the doctor and/or dental office manager are fully aware when an area is not performing well and knows how to implement an action plan to correct the situation before income is affected.
  5. Work with your OM or dental receptionist to improve the quality of service by surveying patients to ensure the office is meeting or exceeding patient expectations.

Support lasts thirty days past the last office visit. All travel expenses are included in the program as are Cambridge's top Dental Office Manual Package.

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