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Dental Consultant Advice: Front Desk Functions

There are three or front office positions or functions. Call them what you want, but they break down as follows:   a) Receptionist, b) Scheduling coordinator, c) Accounts Manager d) Treatment Coordinator. In a small practice one employee does all the front office functions.  As a practice grows, two staff should be able to handle these functions up to 80-100K in production espcially if yousource all or part of your insurance processing.  The natural breakdown would be to combine the four functions as follows: In a bigger practice you might have one person for each position or some other combination that...
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Dental Consultant Tip: Cross Training Staff

Should you cross train your staff? Cross training has its place when there is a temporary need. But under normal circumstances each employee should have specific responsibilities, otherwise you lose accountability. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with employees helping in an area outside their assigned responsibilities during peak periods or when another employee is absent. But staff need to stay focused on their specific assigned job and functions once the overload is handled.  
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Why a General Policy Manual?

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Dental Consultants Top Tips To Reduce No Shows

Dental Consultants Top Tips To Reduce No Shows

Keeping no shows and cancels at 10% or less comes down to having having a scheduler who takes 100% responsibility for ensuring your schedule is full which includes not being too dependent on automatic reminders.

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