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Dental Consultant Tip: When Buying Charts

Buying charts? Then a chart audit is a must. What's most important is how many patients have visited the practice at least twice in the last 12 months. Then you want to know how many have been in only once in the last year, twice in the past two years, once in the past two years, etc. From there a formula can be devised to give value to each type of patient/chart. You could also value the charts at somewhere around 40% to 50% of collections.
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Dental Consultant Tips: Stat Management

Dental Consultant Tips: Stat Management

Statistics measure habits, good or bad. They’re like gauges on your car's dashboard. They can tell you and your staff in an unbiased way what's going on in a specific area of the practice. 

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Dental Consultants Tip: Types of Patients Who No show

Dental Consultants Tip: Types of Patients Who No show
An engaged dental team can start to predict which patients will cancel or not show up for their dental appointments. . Your  scheduling coordinator should be able to identify these patients so that the dental team can confirm their appointments directly. The practice cannot just send a postcard or text message and assume these people will show up. Many dentists find that these types of patients often cancel and no show:1. Those who have previously broken an appointment—Feel free to dismiss these patients. Or you can put them on a short list after the third no show or cancellation, or put them...
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Dental Office Voice Mail Message Advice

Outside of working hours your voice message should contain: a. Your dental practice hoursb. Instructions for your patients in case of an emergency, i.e., call your cell phone, call 911, or call the on-call dentistc. When the patient can expect to be called backd. What information the patient should leave, i.e., the reason for the call, their name, and a good time to call back.Your message should be clear, friendly, and professional.
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