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Dental Consultant Full Schedule Tips

1. Make sure all patients have an appointment when leaving, except those on your "no fly" list.  2. Keep short/ASAP/Will-Call lists. 3. Offer targeted discounts to schedule hard-to-fill time slots, such as in a pedo practice.  4. All NPs should be scheduled within a week, two weeks max. 5. Only allow well-trained employee(s) to schedule patients, especially NPs.  6. Keep a well organized morning huddle.  7. Have phone answered within three rings during business hours.   Kevin Tighe, Cambridge Dental Consultants, Senior Consultant, got bitten hard by the business and marketing bug during long summer days working at his dad's Madison Avenue...
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Dental Consultant Tips: Handling NP Price Questions

New Patient: How much do you charge for a cleaning?

Receptionist: $150.00

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Dental Practice Consulting: Block Scheduling

Your practice will be rushed, hectic and stressed without a schedule that is well designed. The purpose of blocking scheduling  is to decrease stress, keep production on an even keel from one day to the next while maintaining or increasing production. These are the steps for implementing with guidelines:   Time Study Over two to three weeks get accurate times of every procedure.  All staff can help. Create an index card for each patient that comes in. Note the following on the card:  The time the patient arrivedThe time the patient is seatedThe time the procedure beginsThe time the procedure ends At the end of...
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Dental Consultant Tip: Where To Find Staff?

Want ad tip: Do not list salary, etc. If too low, you might scare off some good prospective employees. Examples of recommended wording: 1. Salary based on experience..  2. Compensation based on experience, plus a comprehensive benefits package.​ 3. Salary based on experience.trong base pay plus a lucrative production bonus plan. The usual suspects: (classifieds) (classifieds) Other suggestions: 1. Check with dental reps. They often know people who are looking.  2. Your current staff can be of help. They may know others in the area who are looking. They can also use social media to get the...
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