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Vacation Policy

Vacation Policy

This following is the vacation policy I recommend for your dental office general policy manual. As with all HR policies check with your attorney or a local HR pro to ensure your policy is compliant for your state and federal laws as they often change:


Annual paid vacation is a benefit provided by this practice for eligible dental staff. An employee becomes eligible after working at the practice for twelve consecutive months as a full time employee. At this point employees are entitled to the following:

One week of vacation with pay after one year.

Two weeks of vacation with pay after three years.

The amount of paid vacation time will depend on the employee's average weekly hours worked.

In other words, if the employee works 40 hours per week, he/she will be paid 40 hours for a 1-week vacation. If the employee works an average of 33 hours per week, he/she will be paid 33 hours for a one-week vacation. “One week” being established as 5 working days. If an employee works a varied number of hours each week, the vacation time will be based on an average of the hours worked during the past three months.

Two month's notice is required when an employee requests vacation time. The actual vacation dates must be approved, so that they are coordinated with other staff requesting time off. Preference of vacation date will be based on seniority and production.

If a paid holiday falls during an employee's vacation, the employee may arrange an additional vacation day that is convenient for the office. Illness or disability occurring during vacation is considered vacation time.

Vacations must be taken as paid days off during the year. Employees may not skip or miss a few days of their vacation, then include it in the next year's vacation. They may take vacation pay as a substitute for their vacation.

Vacation time is not earned if an employee has been on a leave of absence for a continuous period exceeding 15 calendar days.

An employee may request his/her vacation paycheck prior to leaving for vacation. Fourteen days minimum notice is needed to issue the check in advance.

The office manager or doctor will enter the employee's vacation period on the employee's time sheet and annual attendance record.

It is preferable that you do not take your vacation one day at a time. If you must do so, the required notice (two months) is still required.

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