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Patient Cancels and No Shows

Patient Cancels and No Shows

You don't need a PhD in human behavior, statistical management or anything like that to be able to keep cancels and no shows down to a dull roar. 

There will always be some no shows and cancelations no matter how many different systems you have, statistics you keep or credit reports you run.

The trick to is to keep it 10% or less.

The simplicity of cutting down on no shows and cancelations is to simply do the following with #1 being the most vital action:

While patients are in the practice, do a good job of educating them of the likely negative effects on their oral and overall health if they do not move forward.

Assign confirmation to one employee so there is accountability. That employee should have excellent communication skills.

Determine which method of communication the patient prefers. These days that will likely be text or email.

The basic rule for reminders/confirmations is 3-3-1: Three weeks, three days, one day.

If no confirmation one day out the patient is called.

Operative is one day before unless booked well in advance in which case it's 3-3-1.

For new patients a call from the dentist welcoming them to the practice will cut down on new patient no shows.

Have an active Short Call list to help plug up the holes in your schedule. 

Insurance: Out of Network
Statistics: What do with them?


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