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Dental Patient Reactivation SystemDental Patient Reactivation System

Patients who have not been in your practice for 12-18 months or longer can easily become former patients. Many dentist's know a reactivated patient is just as good as a new patient. This download provides step-by-step instructions for implementing a proven dental patient reactivation system. 


Dental New Patient Phone Scriptdental scripts new patient phone calls

When a new patient calls, whether FFS or PPO, their attention is typically on money. Your receptionist needs to move a patient’s attention off of money and onto why they really called: The patient’s actual need. This download provides step-by-step instructions including correct verbiage for handling new patient phone calls so that patients not only schedule but,  arrive. 


dental scripts treatment acceptance

Dental Patient Case Acceptance

Poor case acceptance is common, but it does not have to be that way.  And you need not turn into a "used care salesman". Just be yourself and follow this amazingly simple four step protocol that help your  patients overcome case acceptance resistance including key questions to ask. 


Dental New Patient Referrals Dental MarketingDental New Patient Referrals

Many dentists know that a referral system is an effective way to generate new patients. Boost your new patients with our proven, easy to implement referral protocol. This download provides step-by-step instructions for implementing our stress-free referral system. 


Dental Office Block Scheduling Dental Block Scheduling System

Your practice will be rushed, hectic and stressed without a schedule that is well designed. The purpose of blocking scheduling is to decrease stress, keep production on an even keel from one day to the next while maintaining or increasing production. Step-by-step instructions on how to set up an efficient schedule reducing stress while maintaining or increasing production including scheduling verbiage. 


dental patient retention systemDental Patient Retention

Unscheduled Operative &Overdue Re-care

Patient retention for dental practices overall only averages 45%.  This download provides an easy, step-by-step protocol for following up on unscheduled treatment and unscheudled recare. 


dental hygienist downtime checklistHygienist Downtime Checklist

You have the right to have a salaried hygienist take an early lunch or go home early if slots are open before lunch or at the end of the day, but another option is to have the hygienist stay productive. This checklist is based on the work habits of a "old school" hygienist who gave her employer an honest day’s work and then some. 


dental office morning huddleDental Office Morning Huddle Protocol

Many dentists hate morning huddles, but when done efficently a morning huddle helps quickly identify possible issues for that day so the team can "improvise and overcome". The team is also kept aware of how on goal the practiceThis download provides a detailed format for conducting an efficient and productive dental office morning huddle. 


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