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What Hygienist Can Do?

This excellent resource from the ADHA lists state by state.

Two letters denote separate supervision levels depending on setting (Private/Public)

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When is a Breach Not a Breach?

Have you suffered a data breach? 

A four-step assessment: 

A data breach in the dental industry isn’t just nerve-racking – it’s also expensive and can potentially shut a practice down.

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"Risky" Business

As discussed in previous articles, HIPAA has changed the way that dental practices need to operate. Not only do dentists need to be current on the latest technology and IT systems, but they must also ensure that they incorporate technologies in a HIPAA compliant manner.

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Are You Stretching?

Practicing as a dental hygienist demands physical stamina and we know that regularly stretching our muscles can help avoid the physiological aches and pains that come with the job. We as dental hygienists must also have the ability to regularly stretch our comfort zones.

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