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The Top Ten Dental Crimes

California: Unfortunately, hit and runs often go unsolved – but one hit-and-run crash in Sacramento pretty much solved itself when the driver left behind his dentition.

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Dental Marketing: Create A Ruckus

“Create a ruckus!” Those were Seth Godin’s words in a podcast interview I listened to.

It reminded me why his message is so compelling. And how creating your own “ruckus” of sorts could transform your dental marketing.

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Dental Consultant Tip: HIPAA Breach Notification

As we have seen in the previous articles, there are numerous HIPAA rules and regulations that must be followed. Non compliance can often lead to fines and penalties that can be quite substantial.

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Dental Consultant Tip: HIPAA Contingency Plan

Of all the HIPAA rules and regulations that we will be discussing in upcoming articles, in my mind, having a contingency plan is easily the most critical.

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